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Add settings of SessionManager.

Find a file where settings are:
the directory that you get by input follows. find out SALADROOT.bootstrap.

To see the folder with explorer directory, follows.
explorer $SessionManager.GetValue("");

The folder has a file named initialize_userenv.ps1.
And this file has the settings of user-environment, not system-environment.
So you can modify SessionRegistry.

$global:SessionManager = $SessionManager.Add("", "");

To add global definition, write like this.
For example, adding that "MyName" as the name and UserName as the value.
$global:SessionManager = $SessionManager.Add("", "");
$global:SessionManager = $SessionManager.Add("MyName", $ENV:UserName);

In next session, the users can use it like this.
And tab expansion works too.

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