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This function discovers the computers that run Windows.
It will try to ping, execute WMI query, read the registry keys.
  • It's expected that the pipeline would be used.
  • The credential of the current user will be used in trying processes.

ex) this line will discover your computer.
$ENV:COMPUTERNAME | Discover-Windows;

ex) these lines will discover the IP addresses of your neighbors.
# Get IP addresses
$a = New-Object SALAD.TCP.MyIPEnvClass;
# Discover
$rl = $a.friendipl | Discover-Windows;
# Out into a text file
$rl | out-text;
# Out into a csv file
$fn = TempFile csv;
$rl | Export-Csv $fn -NoTypeInformation;

See also TempFile, Out-Text.

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