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Get-SharePointListViews([parameter(mandatory=$true)][string]$SiteUrl, [parameter(mandatory=$true)][string]$ListName, [switch]$UseDefaultCredential, [switch]$AllProperties)
This function returns the view information of a Sharepoint list.

Name Necessary Summary
SiteUrl Yes target site url, like "http://myserver/".
ListName Yes target list name, like "mylist".
UseDefaultCredential No means to fetch with default credentials.
AllProperties No means not to select the properties to return.

the information of the view of the list.

# get the views
Get-SharePointListViews -SiteUrl http://myserver/ -ListName mylist;
# get the views with all properties
Get-SharePointListViews -SiteUrl http://myserver/ -ListName mylist -AllProperties;
# get the views with default credentials
Get-SharePointListViews -SiteUrl http://myserver/ -ListName mylist -UseDefaultCredential;

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