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Place the folder of SALAD
Unzip and place salad folder wherever.
Execute start_interactive.bat or start_interactiveWOW.bat in salad root folder.
about ExecutionPolicy
PowerShell has the ExecutionPolicy, and loading the script files is depends on it.
If PowerShell can not execute the script files, you should change ExecutionPolicy.
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned;

about roles
SALAD has the roles that are Administrators and Users.
Admins can use all commandlets and functions, aliases of PowerShell.
For users, they are restricted to use.
If you use SALAD only for yourselves, you'd rather to belong admins role so that you can use all PowerShell and SALAD features.
See RoleRecognized.

about bit-mode:
SALAD works on 32bit and 64bit.
The users can choose bit-mode.
For example, to use JET components or COM objects the users should boot SALAD on 32bit.
To boot SALAD 32bit on 64bit machine, start_interactiveWOW.bat is to be executed.

To check current bit-mode, the users input follows.

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