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USOclasses(User-Scripted-Object classes) are the classes made of script files that the users script.
The files of USOClasses are written in PowerShell, and placed in SALADROOT.definition.code.

The files are named like [ClassName].[MethodName].code.
Two or more files that have same ClassName in the names will be in one class definition, that class will have the methods as the contents of the files.
Like this:
  • Human.Cry.code
  • Human.Laugh.code
-> The Human class definition is defined. The users can new Human in SALAD.
For example, that would be used like...
(new Human).Cry();
(new Human).Laugh();
USOClasses have their methods with try-catch as default.
See Get-ErrorLog and ErrorLogCollector for checking logs.

Name Explanation
AccessClient for executing queries to MDB.
ADClient for searching from AD.
ADSIClient for operating with ADSI.
EnDecode for operating about encryption.
ErrorLogCollector collects the error log of USOClasses.
EventLogHandler fetches the Windows Eventlogs.
ExcelClient for operating with excel, using COM.
IdentifierBase base class of SID and NTAccount.
JSHandler provides the functions around JavaScript.
Librarian a librarian of SALAD.
MDBBase provides the functions about MDB.
NTAccount represents an account.
ProgressManager provides the functions about the progress bars.
RegistryHandler provides the functions around Windows registries.
RepositoryBase provides the abstract functions about the repository.
ScreenSnapshot provides the functions about screen snapshots.
ScriptHandler provides the functions around the scripts. It's a base of VBSHandler.
SharePointAccessClient provides the functions around Sharepoint list.
SharePointGetListCollection gets the Sharepoint lists information.
SharePointGetUserCollectionFromSite gets the users of the Sharepoint site.
SharePointGetViewCollection gets the views of the Sharepoint list.
SharePointHandlerBase a base of SharePointGetListCollection, SharePointGetUserCollectionFromSite, SharePointGetViewCollection.
SID represents SID.
SQLClient provides the functions as SQLServer client.
TraceLogCollector collects the trace log of SALAD.
VBSHandler provides the functions around VBScript.
XMLBase provides the functions about the repository in xml.

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