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You can make USOClasses.

Make method file:
make a text file with text editor named [ClassName].[MethodName].code
Define method parameter:
write the parameters for the first line like param($strname)
Define method process:
write the process in PowerShell for the second or more lines
For example:
$ret = "This method is defined in " + $this.classname;
$ret += "`n";
$ret += ("Value is " + $strname);

The link file is a text of the example.MyTestClass.Echo.txt(the extension .txt -> .code)

Reflect USO class:
Place the class file to the folder.
The folder is got by inputting follows in SALAD.
#(for explorer directly)
explorer $SessionManager.GetValue("");

Use it:
When the USO class file is placed, we can use it next session.
$myclass = new mytestclass;

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