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Functions are in SALADROOT.scripts folder, and the visibilities of them are described in their files.

Name Explanation
Add-LocalUser can add a new local user to the computer with ADSI.
Add-LocalUserToLocalGroup can add a local user into a local group with ADSI.
Change-Colors changes the console colors.
Decode-File decodes a text file.
Decode-SecureString decodes a SecureString to a plain text.
Decode-String decodes a string.
Define-Colors defines the console colors.
Disable-LocalUser disables a local user with ADSI.
Discover-Windows the users can discover the computers that run Windows.
Enable-LocalUser enables a local user with ADSI.
Encode-File encodes a text file.
Encode-String encodes a string.
End-Macro ends recording macro.
Generate-Life Life game.
Get-Account gets an account information.
Get-ErrorLog gets the error logs of USOClasses.
Get-LocalGroupMembers gets the members of the local group with ADSI.
Get-LocalGroups gets the local group names with ADSI.
Get-LocalUserFlags gets the flags of the local user with ADSI.
Get-LocalUsers gets the local users with ADSI.
Get-Registry gets registry.
Get-SharePointListItems gets the items of a Sharepoint list.
Get-SharePointLists gets the Sharepoint lists.
Get-SharePointViews gets the views of a Sharepoint list.
Get-SharePointUsers gets the users of a Sharepoint site.
Get-TraceLog gets Transcript log.
Import-Package the users can import package.
Make-Library the users can export the libraries.
Out-Text outputs a file and display it.
Reflect-Visibility the users can reflect definitions of the visibilities of commandlets and functions.
Remove-LocalUser removes a local user with ADSI.
Remove-LocalUserFromLocalGroup removes a local user from a local group with ADSI.
Set-LocalUserPassword sets a password for a local user with ADSI.
ShowGUI-CommunicationClient chat client.
ShowGUI-CommunicationServer chat server.
ShowGUI-Curious the monitoring application of files, WMI, or some.
ShowGUI-IDE the editor application of SALAD.
ShowGUI-Package the packaging application of SALAD for the developers.
Start-Macro starts recording macro.
TempFile makes a temporary file and returns the file path.

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