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A list of the definition sets that are made of Name and Value.
To get
# see text file
$SessionManager.registry | Out-Text;
# see list formatted text
$SessionManager.registry | Format-List | Out-Text;

Name Summary
Name It's a key for value to get.
Value It's a value made of whatever string. TabExpansion works for it.

Expansion works recursively for values.
Expanding expression
The names already exists in SessionRegistry between "@_" and "_@" in values will be expanded.

For example, try to define the user name, the computer name and the user name + the computer name.
#define user name
$SessionManager.Add("myusername", $ENV:USERNAME);
#define computer name
$SessionManager.Add("mycomputername", $ENV:COMPUTERNAME);
#define two of them
$SessionManager.Add("WhereAmI", "@_myusername_@ on @_mycomputername_@");


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